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[ limited edition ]

For a hygge moment at home with Maison Loüno.

With this bundle you’ll receive :

  • 1 palo santo stick

  • 1 sage smudge

  • 1 hand-stamped paper coffret to place your sage and palo santo

  • 1 candle with perfumes from Grasse, developed for Maison Loüno by La Bougie Herbivore

  • 1 Maison Loüno box containing matches

The candle’s perfume is jasmin, cedar-wood and verbena. Our candle is thought to accompany a few moments of calm, moments just for you, for example during a meditation or a cold winter night! I like lighting it on Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast, with a vinyl on the record player.

The white sage is a ritual where you burn the dried leafs. Once they are turned off, spread the smoke in the house or anywhere the air need to be renewed. Open your windows wide during and after this, to renew the air.

The ritual around palo santo is similar. Burn the palo santo to make stagnating energy circulate. The scent is amazing!

Each paper coffret has been hand-stamped by us <3

The candles are hand-poured in Paris with natural soy wax for a total combustion time of 25/30 hours.

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