Acupuncture & Gemmologie avec Elaine Huntzinger

interview Acupuncture & Gemmologie avec Elaine Huntzinger

How did you “fall” into Chinese Medicine and its practice?

I was living in Thailand and went to Sri Lanka to study homeopathy to help cure my eczema. In reality, it was basically acupuncture boot camp. I worked at a free clinic in Colombo 8 hours a day for two months. The professor told us the points to use and we just stuck them in people. Miraculously, I saw people getting better. People came everyday, so they got treatment quite regularly. After this experience, I decided to formally study it in California.


For those who don’t know much about Traditional Chinese Medicine, can you explain its fundamental principles?

It is basically finding balance in the body. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) looks at all aspects of health including how emotions affect you. We look at when you need heat or cold, movement or stillness etc. You want things to flow fluidly in the meridiens (which are the Qi highways). If it doesn’t flow, you have sickness, pain, stress… and then we need to use acupuncture, massage, change of diet, and potentially lifestyle changes to unblock these traffic jams


How does Acupuncture help us?

It unblocks and balances energy within our system of meridians.


How do you mix gemology into this practice?

Gemstones have been used in TCM for ages. I use them to balance the chakras and also the stone gua sha tools I employ for the gua sha massage.

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Food & Adaptogens

What’s your go-to breakfast?

I take my vitamin C first thing in the morning and then I follow with some fruit. Preferably berries. If I am really hungry, I have a buckwheat cracker with some parma ham on it.


How have adaptogens helped you? Which ones do you like taking?

Adaptogens have helped me ease into menopause. I use a specific mixture (Yin Power) that has both chinese herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms. It helped make the crazy less crazy. I love Huang qi (astragalus), Ashwagandha, Lion’s mane, and Chaga.


What is your favorite Maison Loüno ritual?

The Magic Matcha Latte!


Which changes in your food habits have had the biggest impact on your life?

I followed The Plant Paradox and cut out vegetables that had too many lectins. I eat my biggest meal at lunch and only eat vegetables and protein at night.


Can you tell us about the morning and evening rituals you maintain to keep you grounded?

In the mornings I either drink cocoa with adaptogens in it or matcha. I like warm drinks to start my day. I also clean my space to prepare for a day full of clients. I either put on an hydrating mask or use my LED mask every morning while I am cleaning. I smudge my entire apartment with sage before the clients arrive. It sets my mood for the day. Evenings, I listen to kpop and do pilates before I go to bed.


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Do you have mantras you repeat regularly?

Be kind and attract no assholes.

Can you tell us about a book or movie that has been key to your personal growth and that you would recommend?

Energy Medicine by Jill Blakeway. It puts into words what I feel everyday when I work.


What are you most proud of?

Climbing 7c+ at 27 years old and rebuilding my life after a tough divorce. Suffering isn’t always a bad thing and I have to say, I am a better person as a result.


Finally, what is your favorite Maison Loüno ritual?

I love the matcha!

remèdes naturels anti stress au cacao cru


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