Adaptogens : He Shou Wu

Adaptogens : He Shou Wu


Seeing the warm welcome you reserved for our first adatogens by Sun Potion, i wanted to widen our range, including a selection of Anima Mundi’s adaptogens, a brand that is based in Brooklyn / New York and was founded by Adriana Ayales, herbalist from Costa Rica.

Adaptogens help the body cope with the emotional, physical and mental impacts of stress. They don’t target one organ in particular but help the body to find a global balance. These potent plants and herbs have been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for ages and have some really special and powerful benefits.

As all foods, the effects can vary according to the individual. What will be good for you isn’t necessarily what your partner needs. Listen to your body and adapt accordingly. Adaptogens shouldn’t interfere with undergoing medical treatments.


He Shou Wu is the main ingredient in Anima Mundi’s collagen booster. Collagen is a protein of the skin and which decreases with age, stress, pollution, and UV rays.

He Shou Wu is known to be anti-inflammatory and to protect bones and skin from oxidative stress.

Ingredients : He Shou Wu.


Add 1 -2 tsp to your tea, coffee, juice, latte or smoothie twice a day for a few weeks.

Brand: Anima Mundi

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