Blue lotus

Blue lotus


We’ve tried a lot of different adaptogen brands, and i’ve decided to go with the pioneers @sunpotion to help you discover their product of amazing quality.

Adaptogens help the body cope with the emotional, physical and mental impacts of stress. They don’t target one organ in particular but help the body to find a global balance. These potent plants and herbs have been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for ages and have some really special and powerful benefits.

As all foods, the effects can vary according to the individual. What will be good for you isn’t necessarily as what your partner needs. Listen to your body and adapt accordingly. Adaptogens shouldn’t interfere with undergoing medical treatments.


Blue lotus is also called the flower of intuition. It was sacred in Ancient Egypt, known for its virtue to bring a profound meditative state of mind and lucid dreams. Blue lotus effects are mood enhancing and calm the nervous system.

Infuse 1 tbsp in a teapot for 5-7 minutes.

Brand: Anima Mundi

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